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Visa Information

General visa information

The general information provided below is intended to minimize the inconvenience to those who may be planning to travel to Angola and requires an entry visa in the near term. The local consular office has been authorized to process both ordinary and work visas under current regulations.

Ordinary Visas

The processes of concession of the ordinary visa depend on the approval of the Migration and Foreigners Services in Luanda from the day which the application is submitted. The time of stay in the country with this type of visa may not exceed 90 days.

Work Visas

The work visa must be initiated in the country of origin. The Consular office must send the work visa request to the Angolan Migration Services and Aliens (SME) in Angola for approval. The processing time for a Work Visa takes at least 45 days including the day of the submission of the complete paper work required.

The work visa is valid for two years and multiple entries are permitted and the validity of the visa may not exceed the period of the contract.

The applicants for the first time to work in Angola are encouraged to apply for ordinary Visa which enables them to enter into the Angolan territory for working purposes.

Applicants using the “above-mentioned” mailing companies to submit their applications must also be responsible for payment of the relevant collection fees.

 Requirements for An Ordinary Visa

  •  Two Passport size photos colour not photo popy please
  • Copy of Residents permit in Zimbabwe
  • Photo  copy of vaccination certificate for Yellow fever
  • Letter from organization or company here in zimbabwe stating purpose of visit
  • Invitation from Angola.
  • Those travelling on personal business or holiday should have the fax sent to the Embassy Fax 756 396 together with a photo copy of the Invitee's National ID
  • Applicants passport should be valid for more than 6 months and not less
  • Fee is 100 US Dollars for single Entry Visa
  • Fee is 150 US Dollars for a Double Entry Visa
  • Duration  is 5 - 15 working day

Note: Reminder , Passports are collected on Thursday afternoons only - all application forms together with passports should be handed on Monday.

  • Note: Reminder, Passport are collected on Thursday Affernoos, only all application form together with passport dhould be handed on Monday 

Requirements for a Transit Visa

All requirements listed in  Requirements for An Ordinary Visa. However, copy of a ticket is required.

  • Two completely filled out application forms.
  • Two recent passport size pictures with the name written on the back. White background (No snapshots allowed).
  • A passport valid for at least 6 months.
  • Certified check or money order in the amount of $ 50.00. Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Proof of means of subsistence while in Angola ($ 100.00 per day).

 Additional Requirements for a Work Visa

Copy of a contract signed by the representative of the firm or institution employing, hiring or sponsoring the trip, stating specifically the job to be performed by applicant, the duration of the contract, and the fact that employer takes full financial responsibility for the applicant. Contract must be authenticated by a Public Notary and it must be addressed to the Consular services of the Embassy of Angola.

  • Three color passport size photographs
  • Photocopies of all the important pages of your passport, specially the pages showing immigration information as in countries you visit/visited
  • A letter from the institution with which your business or you will fall under, with favorable response to enable the issuance  of the work permit.
  • A letter from the applicat declaring that she/he will respect and abide by the rules and governing laws in the country.
  • Updated criminal record 
  • Certificate of qualifications in duplicate
  • Employment contract in duplicate
  • Updated medical record in duplaceted
  • Proof of legal company record
  • Partnership Agreement in case of joint venture 
  • Updated proof of paymment of taxes (Previous record)

The requirements listed above should not, in any form or shape, be considered all inclusive. The Consular office of the Embassy of Angola reserves the right to request additional information, if necessary.