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Consular Registration

The Consular Registration, is a mandatory act, in principle at no cost , whereby the identification of the citizen is given on national archives of the consular post by the  area of jurisdiction fixed of residence, and immigrant, or is occasionally overseas for period of six months.


The protection of the Angolan citizens  with physical or legal residence,  in transit or based in Consular District including the following 

a) in case of death;
b) In case of accident or serious illness;
c) in case of arrest or detention
d) victim of violent crime;
e) In case of repatriation or provision of aid


The General Military Service Law No. 1 / 93 of March 23rd and the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 18/98 of December 31st , stipulates that every national citizen who reach 18 years of age must identify themselves. Those who are outside the country they must adjusted their status with the military Services at Consular Section.  

In compliance of military obligations, the Consular Section provides cooperation in the following cases:
a) Completion of the declaration of individual census military
b) Postponement of incorporation for reasons of Education;
c) Issue of military ballots