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The Consular Act of Civil Registry is the one who is related to legal facts that create, modify or extinguish the status of civilian nationals residing abroad or, occasionally, who practice is provided in the legislation regarding the registration process conducted in a civil and consular post, or Consulates.

The following are the acts of Consular Civil Registry and Notary”:

a)  Birth Certificate
b)  Marriage Certificate 
c)  Death Certificate 
d) Celebration of Marriage between Angolans and between Angolans and foreigners
e)  Authentication or legalization of documents

  1. Issuance of proxy and Affidavit


    It should be made in this Consular Section in the following way:

    a) - Document issued by the Health Services of Local authorities, as proof of birth of the person in that area;
    b) The newborn should be son or daughter of Angolans parents or at least  one Angolan and foreign or vice versa;
    c) the parents or one of them will be accompanied by a document identifying them as parents of the newborn (Angolans abroad).

    Requirements for the organization of process of marriage:

    a) Those interested should be Angolans or at least one of them;
    b) Those interested should be in possession of certificate of birth narrative;
    c) a certificate of residence;
    d) Copy of B.I. or passport;
    e) Document military if the bridegroom is in military age and be Angolan ( from 18 to  45 years old);
  • For transcriptions of the marriage process celebrated in Zimbabwe, the interested must, above of the all mentioned documentation, they must supply the Marriage Certificate issued by the Zimbabwean´s authority and they translation to Portuguese.