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This website is operated by the Embassy of The Republic  of Angola in Zimbabwe.  It was carefully designed, not only to serve resident communities (Zimbabwean, Angolan or any other) in their interaction with the Embassy, but also as a “door into Angola”, through which any Angolan or foreign national can have access to specific sectors of our country.

When we are appointed as Ambassadors, we receive from His Excellency the President of the Republic, José Eduardo dos Santos, the mandate to represent him before the governments of the countries to which we are posted, and before any Angolan communities that may be resident there.  That is why this website is so important: it enables us to meet you and brings you to us!

The Embassy website should make our work more comprehensive, more inclusive.  Through it, we should be able to both reach the most remote areas of Zimbabwe and be more easily accessible to people situated in these remote areas. is therefore a tool and a workplace to be used as one more element to bring you and Angola closer.


By  Pedro Hendrick Vaal Neto  (The Ambassador)