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Tourist Attractions

The Congo River, also known as the Zaire, is the second largest river in Africa and the seventh in the world, extending over a total distance of 4.700 km and is the first river in Africa and second in the world in terms of volume. Length: 4.700 km. Flow: 41.000 m³/s. Area of basin: 4.014.000 km². Country: Angola. Mouth: Atlantic Ocean. Cities: Kinshasa, Brazzaville, Kisangani, Boma, Mbandaka, Muanda.

Kalandula Falls

The Kalandula Falls are waterfalls situated in the Kalandula Municipality, Malanje Province in Angola. They are located on the Lucala River, the largest tributary of the Kwanza River.

Cunene River

The Cunene is a river in Angola that flows along part of Angola’s border with Namibia. The river begins in Boas Águas, Huambo, in the Central Plateau of Angola, flowing southwards until it reaches the Ruacaná Falls. Length: 945 km. Mouth: Atlantic Ocean. Countries: Namibia, Angola.

Cangandala National Park

Cangandala National Park is the smallest national park in Angola. It is located close to Malanje, in the province of the same name, between the Cuije River and two tributaries of the Cuanza River. Location
: Cangandala, Angola.

Cameia National Park

Cameia National Park is an Angolan national park located in Moxico. It occupies an area of 14.450 km². Area: 3.459.000 km². Location: Lumeje, Angola.

Kissama National Park

75 km to the south of Luanda Province, the Kissama National Park has a total area of 9600 km2. The boundaries are, to the north of the Kwanza River, from its mouth to Muxima, to the south of the Longa River, between the river mouth and the Mumbondo highway to Capolo, to the west the coastline between the mouth of the Kwanza and Longa rivers and the east of the highway that goes from Muxima, Demba Chio, Mumbondo and Capolo up to the Longa River.

The park includes lodging for visitors, a guest house and various bungalows. The Kissama National Park was established as a hunting reserve in 1938 and transformed into a National Park in 1957.
It is located in the Bengo Province.